Entrepreneur Video, Ouya Game Console & a Carnival

Overcoming Obstacles

Watch The Super Cool Video.

Happy Monday!

I saw a lot of cool things last week, but the two things that I recall the most are an awesome Entrepreneurship video I saw, and a new video game console called Ouya.

I’m not a video gamer, but what I love is how this console is coming to market. Firstly, it is an open-source console which means the code for the console will be available for anyone to play with, change, etc.

The real “Cinderella” part of the story is how Ouya was funded. Ouya is not owned by some massive corporation, so they didn’t have that kind of financial backing. Instead, they turned to the Kickstarter service which is a “funding platform” where a bunch of people come together and give money to different start up companies.

Ouya received more than double what they needed, and there is still time left to contribute. That is just cool. Now, below you will find the awesome video I was talking about, and just below that you’ll find the always awesome Carnival! Have a great week!

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